TETA-3000 series

Product Overview

TETA-3000 Series is a new generation of aggregation 10GE.

IP MAN (metropolitan area network), campus networks and enterprise networks.

It supports multiple services IPv6, MPLS, VPN and network security based on L2/L3/L4 wire-speed switching service based on high performance hardware.

nonstop upgrade, continuous forwarding, graceful restart, redundancy protection,          See bellow for more



  • TETA-3000-32T8X
  • TETA-3000-8T24S8X
  • TETA-3000-48T8X
  • TETA-3000-44S4C8X
  • TETA-3000-24T24S8X
  • TETA-3000-48P8X

Catalog download link : TETA-3000 series