TETA-2000 L3 Lite Series

Product Overview

TETA-2000 L3-lite Series is a new generation aggregation 10 G Ethernet switch. It is targeted at the IP MAN (metropolitan area network), government and enterprise networks, Internet cafe and disk-less working environment. It is developed on the basis of TETA-OS and a high performance hardware. It supports functions such as powerful ACL, flexible Q in Q, 1:1 or N:1 VLAN switching, Ethernet OAM, carrier-level QoS and industry-level 10GE Ether-ring, … ensuring this switch series meets application requirements in all kinds of complicated sites. It also supports layer-3 routing protocol.


  • TETA-2000-24T4X
  • TETA-2000-8T16S4X
  • TETA-2000-24P4X
  • TETA-2000-48T6X

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