International Routing And Traffic Management System Features

  • Total network performance improvement by full automation of routing and decision making process.

  • Process oriented integration and mechanization of all related departments work.

  • Multiple defined algorithms for routing and priority selection.

  • Reducing the impact of human factors by full mechanization of the total system.

  • Integrated and unified management of the total VOIP and TDM voice switching network.

  • Just in time, automatic and intelligent management and analysis of Revenue, Cost and Balance.

  • Just in time, automatic and intelligent management of operator accounts, bills, credits and disputes.

  • Near real time quality and SLA management.

  • Fraud detection and prevention.

  • High performance and accurate mediation, charging, rating and aggregation: 20000 CDR records per second.

  • On line monitoring of the whole network with real time notifications.

  • Automated and on time carrier rate and contract processing and communication.

  • Modular, Clustered, Distributed micro services with BMPS orchestration as an advanced and future looking architecture.

  • Efficient and user-friendly web based user interface.

  • Efficient and user-friendly dashboards. Overall and accurate information visualization.

  • Very fast processing and reporting of huge data.