The field of organizational solutions

The R & D Association (TETA) started its activities in the field of ICT as one of the leading providers of comprehensive ERP planning systems in line with indigenous needs.

This company is proud to implement and implement ERP ERP systems in a number of industrial and commercial companies such as automotive, household appliances, commerce, companies and government organizations. In addition to conducting seminars and session introductions, the system has provided the necessary background for the managers of these industries to acquaint themselves with the goals and capabilities of this system.

Company R & D features:

The company has the following specifications and capabilities:

R & D team of experienced and active
Suitable financial resources
A professional team in the field of software design and development
Expert team and evaluation of various business areas
High flexibility and flexibility to operate new customer needs and develop dedicated facilities.
A fully competitive and cost effective solution
Provides comprehensive and beneficial ICT solutions